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0:42 - Feltner Meets Martin

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Partial Transcript: When did you first meet Dr. Martin?

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Feltner discusses the first time he met Dr. Martin, and describes his early impressions and thoughts on Martin, who he knew was a leading authority on education in Kentucky.

Keywords: 1956; Alumni; Impressions

Subjects: Dr. Robert Martin

2:25 - Dr. Martin's Personality

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Partial Transcript: How would you characterize Dr. Martin's personality?

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Feltner details his opinion on Dr. Martin as an able and prepared administrator who chartered a course for Eastern, believing him suited for his position as Superintendent and president of EKU. Feltner comments that Dr. Martin could have sought the governorship of Kentucky given his expertise on finance. He talks about some early criticisms Dr. Martin faced for being close with Governor Combs.

Keywords: Campaign manager; Elected; Finance; Governor-Kentucky; Responsible


5:16 - Dr. Martin's strengths and early presidency

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Partial Transcript: Do you think he had actually been planning a lot of these things before he assumed the presidency of Eastern?

Segment Synopsis: Feltner discusses his view of Dr. Martin's beginning as president of EKU and touches on his decision to campaign for Bert Combs for governor. He talks about Dr. Martin's ability to recognize talent and utilize it towards progressing education.


Subjects: William F. O'Donnell

7:19 - Dr. Martin's finance

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Partial Transcript:

Segment Synopsis: Felter briefly discusses Dr. Martin's access to information about state and federal funding and how he utilized them to expand on previous plans for expansion

Keywords: Commissioner of Finance; Finance; Vision of Greatness


8:57 - Dr. Martin's philosophy on education

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Partial Transcript: I'd like to discuss a little bit about Dr. Martin's philosophy of education, do you have a good idea of what is it and could you comment on that?

Segment Synopsis: Feltner discusses Dr. Martin's aggressive philosophy on education, believing that the state has the responsibility to educate young people and pushed to expand Eastern's reach to students. He talks about Dr. Martin's role in establishing stronger law enforcement and nursing.

Keywords: Accessibility; Law enforcement; Open Door Policy; Opportunity; Responsbility

Subjects: Dr. Rowlett School of Law Enforcement University of Kentucky

13:16 - Dr. Martin's administration and priorities

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Partial Transcript: What kind of administrator was Dr. Martin?

Segment Synopsis: Feltner describes Dr. Martin's meticulous approach to administrating, often focusing on minor issues more than larger problems. He touches on Dr. Martin's aggressive consolidation efforts and tidying communication between commissions. Feltner overall calls Dr. Martin conservative in his expansion of EKU and handling of student affairs.

Keywords: Administration; Renovations; Student Life

Subjects: Dr. Robert Martin Student Protests Vietnam War

23:22 - Eastern becomes a university

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Partial Transcript: How hard was it for Eastern to achieve university status and how hard did Dr. Martin work towards that goal?

Segment Synopsis: Feltner details Eastern's path from the Eastern Kentucky State College to the current Eastern Kentucky University. He explains the push for regional recognition by Western, Morehead and Murray helped Eastern gain university status amidst strong opposition from the University of Kentucky and Dr. Martin's personal role in gaining support in the state legislature to raise Eastern's status.

Keywords: 1966; General Assembly; Opposition

Subjects: Morehead State University Murray State University University of Kentucky Western Kentucky University

35:21 - Eastern's standing among other universities

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Partial Transcript: A lesser person would have relegated Eastern to obscurity.

Segment Synopsis: Feltner briefly explains that because of Eastern's geographical position, the institution could have easily become a small, irrelevant school if not for Dr. Martin's ambitions.

Keywords: Ambition

Subjects: Eastern Kentucky University University of Kentucky

36:14 - Dr. Martin's relationship with faculty

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Partial Transcript: Who were some of the people he worked with very well, and who were some he didn't work with well?

Segment Synopsis: Feltner talks about the close friends and colleagues of Dr. Martin, including Powell and Vickers, whom he had known previously from his time in Frankfort. Felter later details his relationship with Dr. Martin as president and the guidance he offered. Felter describes Dr. Martin's ways of showing respect to educators and administrators and some of his small conflicts with faculty.

Keywords: 1960; Educators; Faculty

Subjects: J.C. Powell John L. Vickers

52:56 - Student Newspapers and Eastern Progress

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Partial Transcript: Student newspapers has its own restrictions different than normal press... in the eyes of idealistic students, is all things to all people except the publisher.

Segment Synopsis: Felter talks about the problems with the Eastern Progress during Dr. Martin's tenure, ranging from misinformation to criticizing faculty decisions, causing strain with some students and administrators. Felter mentions that some of the students who got in the most trouble ended up having accomplished careers in journalism.

Keywords: Eastern Progress; Student Newspaper; Student Publication

Subjects: Craig Ammerman

60:54 - Dr. Martin and the press

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Partial Transcript: How did Dr. Martin react to the press, especially the Courier Journal? And what role did you play being the Public Affairs manager?

Segment Synopsis: Felter details Dr. Martin's strenuous relationship with the Courier Journal, with the journal's refusal to write about Dr. Martin and the internal struggle to maintain a positive relationship with state press.

Keywords: Courier Journal; Feud


92:07 - Dr. Martin on celebrating EKU history

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Partial Transcript: You were talking about the centennial celebration

Segment Synopsis: Feltner recalls Dr. Martin's care for Eastern as he chose to celebrate the university's 100 year since establishment. He talks about the establishment of a Centennial committee and the kinds of events planned for the celebration.

Keywords: Centennial


119:32 - Student Recruitment

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Partial Transcript: You mentioned something about student improvements in the terms of budgets, I know that, I guess, Dr. Martin and certainly other universities were criticized for recruiting a lot of students to justify spending more money on the budgets. Was this a valid criticism?

Segment Synopsis: Feltner addresses some criticism aimed at Dr. Martin about the mass student recruitment done under his tenure and the increased budget as a result.

Keywords: 1970s; Budget; Dorms; Finance; Recruitment


139:27 - Dr. Martin's Legacy

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Partial Transcript: What do you think history will remember about Dr. Martin?

Segment Synopsis: "He's the man with the plan." Feltner discusses Dr. Martin's legacy as an architect, administrator, and academic.

Keywords: Campus Beautiful; History; Legacy

Subjects: Dr. Bob Martin Eastern Kentucky University

141:20 - Dr. Martin and Dr. O'Donnell

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Partial Transcript: Could you compare and contrast Dr. Martin and Dr. O'Donnell's presidency?

Segment Synopsis: Feltner compares the leadership style, personalities, and accomplishments of two of Eastern's most consequential presidents.

Keywords: Comparison

Subjects: Dr. William F. O'Donnell