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0:54 - Background

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Partial Transcript: Might as well start at the beginning, you might tell me when you were born and where and that type thing.

Segment Synopsis: Trimble discusses his family background and his education.



7:52 - Ohio

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Partial Transcript: When did you come back?

Segment Synopsis: Trimble discusses working for news outlets in Ohio.

Keywords: Akron Ohio Beacon Journal; Associated Press

Subjects: Newspaper reporting

14:13 - Career

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Partial Transcript: Tell me this, you stayed there for another year and a half or so, we're probably talking about '53 or '54 now; then what did you do?

Segment Synopsis: Trimble details his career and very location he has worked in including New York, Chicago, and Australia.

Keywords: Australia; Chicago; New York

Subjects: Newspaper reporting

28:53 - Knox County

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Partial Transcript: Tell me how you got to Knox County, Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Trimble describes his first impressions of Knox County when he moved there.

Keywords: Barbourville Mountain Advocate; Knox County, Kentucky


37:53 - Barbourville Mountain Advocate

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Partial Transcript: You have more influence on your readers here.

Segment Synopsis: Trimble talks about working for the newspaper and what issues he finds the most difficult.

Keywords: Barbourville Mountain Advocate

Subjects: American newspapers--Ownership Newspaper reporting Newspaper--Circulation School boards

44:08 - Local politics

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Partial Transcript: Who would you say is the most powerful person in this county?

Segment Synopsis: Trimble discusses the most powerful people in the county, including the newspaper publisher. He says that it makes it difficult to report on everything that he would like to investigate.

Keywords: Barbourville Mountain Advocate; County Judge Executive; Fiscal court; Knox County; Union College

Subjects: Bankers Mayors Newspaper publishing--United States Newspaper reporting

55:55 - Kentucky papers

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Partial Transcript: In the three years you've been here, have you gotten to know many people around the state in the newspaper business?

Segment Synopsis: Trimble discusses other papers in Kentucky and the Kentucky Press Association.

Keywords: Barbourville Mountain Advocate; Kentucky Press Association

Subjects: Journalism--Societies, etc

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