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0:43 - Background

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Partial Transcript: I'd like to begin by asking you to relate a little about your own family history and personal background.

Segment Synopsis: Hudson discusses some of his background, including his education and teaching history.

Keywords: Berea College; Clay County; Eastern Kentucky University; Ford Foundation; Lee County; One room school; Special education

Subjects: School boards School boards--Elections Teachers--Training of

14:53 - Issues

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Partial Transcript: What are some of the major contributions that you feel you have made to the school system here and what are some of the main problems?

Segment Synopsis: Hudson discusses the issues in the school system, including transportation, school facilities, discipline, funding, and staffing.

Keywords: ADA; communication; discipline; Education Improvement Act; Facilities; food service; Lee County; staffing; transportation

Subjects: School budgets School buildings School funds Transportation of students

21:54 - Superintendent job

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Partial Transcript: What are some of the, I believe you probably mentioned them in answering other questions, but if you have anything else to elaborate on them, some of the positive aspects of the job and some of the negative aspects of the job?

Segment Synopsis: Hudson discusses some of the elements of the job, including community relations and relations with the state department of education, as well as athletics.

Keywords: Athletics; Community; KASA; Lee County; Professional organizations; Public relations

Subjects: School sports School sports for girls State departments of education

28:41 - Decision makers and other issues

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Partial Transcript: Who are some of the leading, who else would be some of the leading citizens and decision makers here in Lee County?

Segment Synopsis: Hudson discusses other important figures in the county, as well as some of the other issues within the school district.

Keywords: Business owners; discipline; drugs; HB 44; Mayor; Political parties; taxes

Subjects: Bankers Mayors--United States Political parties--United States School discipline

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