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1:00 - Combs' Schedule

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Partial Transcript: Polly, while you were appointment secretary to Governor Combs, over a period of four years, were there any changes from the beginning, when it was getting set up?

Segment Synopsis: Gorman describes the process of creating the governor's schedule and his daily activities, as well as the make-up of his staff and their actions during his administration.

Keywords: Governor's schedule; governor's staff; loyalty; speechwriting; work ethic

Subjects: Breathitt, Edward T., 1924-2003 Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991 Governors--Kentucky

15:53 - Politics

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Partial Transcript: Did you have the feeling that Governor Combs usually knew what he wanted to accomplish?

Segment Synopsis: Gorman discusses some of the motivations behind some of Governor Combs's political decisions, particularly the floral clock and the grounds of the state capitol building.

Keywords: Bert Combs; capitol grounds; Floral clock; Political decisions

Subjects: Governors--Kentucky State parks

25:17 - Post-Governor Career

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Partial Transcript: When he was nearing the end of his four years, he continued I know to be very active, and of course, in the very end he was pushing for legislation for safety checks on cars and more money for judges and so on, did he, as far as you could tell, did he have any particular inclination toward the future?

Segment Synopsis: Gorman gives information about Combs's life and career after he left the governor's office, including his appointment to the Court of Appeals and his entering the election of 1971.

Keywords: Bert Combs; Election of 1955; Election of 1971; Law Practice; Lexington; Ned Breathitt; Political organizations

Subjects: Ford, Wendell H., 1924-2015 Kentucky. Court of Appeals Political campaigns

42:47 - Impact

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Partial Transcript: That brings up another thing, since you mentioned it.

Segment Synopsis: Gorman discusses Combs's view on executive power and his lasting impact on the state, including his role in creating the Mountain Parkway.

Keywords: Bert Combs; executive power; Mountain Parkway

Subjects: Governors--Kentucky Toll roads

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