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0:30 - Early administration

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Matlick, when did you first get acquainted with Bert Combs?

Segment Synopsis: Matlick discusses when he first met Combs and the early part of his role in the state government, including Combs's leadership style and the beautification program.

Keywords: Beautification program; Commissioner of Conservation; Floral clock; leadership

Subjects: Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991 Governors--Kentucky

4:36 - Public relations

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Partial Transcript: You had had, and continue to have, a good deal of experience in what we would call public relations of a general sort.

Segment Synopsis: Matlick discusses some of his role as Conservation Commissioner and his background in public relations, including his role in managing the Kentucky State Fair.

Keywords: Bert Combs; Gambling; Kentucky State Fair; Public relations; State cabinet

Subjects: Kentucky--Politics and government Kentucky. State fair board

8:43 - State programs

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Partial Transcript: I'm kind of interested in first, a little bit about the projects, and then to the extent that you can give it, how Combs reacted to each or how Combs dealt with you in relationship to each.

Segment Synopsis: Matlick discusses some of the programs he enacted under the Combs administration, including the Small Lakes Project and the building of fire towers.

Keywords: Department of Parks; Fire towers; Floods; Highways; Small lakes program

Subjects: Dams--Kentucky State parks Tourism

16:36 - Merit hiring and conservation

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Partial Transcript: Course, you hadn't been there before, but as far as you can tell, how did this go over with the people that were working with you in the conservation department?

Segment Synopsis: Matlick describes the effects of the merit hiring system in Kentucky and how it impacted corruption. He also discusses some of the other programs Combs enacted, including the statewide Conservation Congresses to educate the public.

Keywords: Conservation Congresses; Corruption; employee morale; Merit system

Subjects: Campaign promises Kentucky--Politics and government State parks

25:20 - Mining

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Partial Transcript: Now in addition that, you mentioned erosion, you also became involved, although I guess it was over a longer period, beyond Combs as well, with the mining problem.

Segment Synopsis: Matlick discusses the enactment of mining legislation in Kentucky, particularly the regulation of strip mining and the role of Governor Combs in that.

Keywords: Environmental impact; Goverment regulations; Mining

Subjects: Coal mines and mining Coal mines and mining--Safety measures Lobbying

30:22 - Public relations and personal life

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Partial Transcript: I understand from some other sources that in the initial stages of the administration with a need to provide considerable support for a potentially controversial 3% sales tax

Segment Synopsis: Matlick talks about the public relations portion of government, particularly with regard to the passage of the sales tax and other significant issues. He also discusses the governor's private life, especially his children.

Keywords: Bert Combs; Cabinet departments; Colonel Sanders; Governor's mansion; Public relations

Subjects: News media Sales tax--Law and legislation State parks

45:33 - Later administration

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Partial Transcript: How would you, just int erms of different personalities, how would you compare and contrast Governor Breathitt and Governor Combs and your relationships?

Segment Synopsis: Matlick gives more information about his role in government and how it changed under different governors.

Keywords: Bert Combs; Conservation; Environmental regulations; National Governors Conference; Ned Breathitt; Strip mining

Subjects: Breathitt, Edward T., 1924-2003 Coal mines and mining Sales tax--Law and legislation

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