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0:29 - 1955 campaign

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Wyatt, when did you first come to know Judge Combs?

Segment Synopsis: Wyatt discusses the 1955 primary and says that it was not a good campaign.


Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991 Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991 Democratic Party (Ky.) Kentucky. Court of Appeals Lawyers Political campaigns

5:51 - 1959 campaign

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Partial Transcript: When I decided to run for governor in 1959, I really thought that Bert was not going to run.

Segment Synopsis: Wyatt discusses merging campaigns with Combs in the 1959 primary.

Keywords: Combs, Bert

Subjects: Democratic Party (Ky.) Elections Political campaigns

29:29 - Lieutenant Governor

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Partial Transcript: I’ve been puzzled when a Lieutenant Governor sometimes says over the period of time since then that there is nothing for a Lieutenant Governor to do.

Segment Synopsis: Wyatt talks about being able to focus on economic development in the state when he was lieutenant governor. He also talks about the truck deal scandal.

Keywords: Combs, Bert; Truck Deal

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985

43:23 - Civil Rights

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Partial Transcript: I wanted to ask you also about the civil rights thing in Louisville.

Segment Synopsis: Wyatt discusses Civil Rights and why Combs pushed for them.

Keywords: Combs Bert; Executive Order on Civil Rights

Subjects: Education--Kentucky Kentucky Commission on Human Rights

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