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0:40 - Background

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Partial Transcript: I'd like to get a little personal background on you.

Segment Synopsis: Monsour discusses his family and education.



4:35 - Overview

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Partial Transcript: Now, is this an old paper?

Segment Synopsis: Monsour gives an overview of the Union County Advocate.

Keywords: Chamber of Commerce; Fiscal court; Political endorsement; Union County Advocate

Subjects: Advertising, Newspaper Editorials Newspaper editors--United States Newspaper employees Newspaper reporting Newspaper--Circulation

12:54 - Community relationships

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Partial Transcript: This is not a chain paper.

Segment Synopsis: Monsour discusses the newspaper's responsibilities to the community and how it interacts with local agencies.

Keywords: County Judge Executive; Local correspondents; Union County Advocate

Subjects: American newspapers--Ownership County governments Newspaper reporting School boards

22:16 - Union County

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Partial Transcript: Does the county, you think, have any special problems?

Segment Synopsis: Monsour and Munford discuss the county, the county's decision makers, and the county's economic state.

Keywords: Union County

Subjects: Coal mines and mining

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