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0:46 - Background

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Partial Transcript: I would like to know, first of all, a little about your background.

Segment Synopsis: Lowe discusses her family and career.



5:01 - Overview

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Partial Transcript: What's the history of this paper?

Segment Synopsis: Lowe gives an overview of the newspaper including why it does not need to have an editorial policy.

Keywords: Local correspondents; McCracken County; Paducah, Kentucky; Shoppers News

Subjects: Advertising, Newspaper Editorials Newspaper reporting Women newspaper editors--United States

14:57 - Paducah

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Partial Transcript: Can you think of any problems that the town has?

Segment Synopsis: Lowe discusses issues in Paducah but mainly focuses on the need for a consolidated shopping center.

Keywords: McCracken County; Paducah, Kentucky


17:52 - Newspaper business

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Partial Transcript: Do you belong to the Kentucky Press Association?

Segment Synopsis: Lowe discusses the future of the newspaper, her opinion of the KPA, and the newspaper's competition with the Paducah Sun.

Keywords: Kentucky Press Association; KPA; McCracken County; Paducah Sun; Paducah, Kentucky; Paxton; Shoppers News

Subjects: Journalism--Societies, etc Newspaper--Circulation

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