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0:40 - Background

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Partial Transcript: Let's get a little personal scoop on your name, parents' names, and how old you are.

Segment Synopsis: Harris discusses his family background.



6:18 - Overview

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Partial Transcript: How big a staff do you have to do all of this?

Segment Synopsis: Harris gives an overview of the Louisville Scripps-Howard Newspapers and where the papers are printed.

Keywords: Louisville Scripps-Howard Newspapers

Subjects: Advertising, Newspaper Newspaper employees Newspaper presses Newspaper reporting

11:54 - Reporting

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Partial Transcript: Our editor and publisher seldom give the news department any direction.

Segment Synopsis: Harris discusses local politics and how the newspaper covers issues.

Keywords: Local correspondents; Louisville Scripps-Howard Newspapers; Political endorsements

Subjects: Newspaper reporting Political campaigns School boards

26:48 - Newspapers

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Partial Transcript: Do you belong to the Kentucky Press Association?

Segment Synopsis: Harris discusses how the K.P.A. helps local newspapers and the demographic of Louisville Scripps-Howard Newspapers.

Keywords: Kentucky Press Association; KPA; Louisville Scripps-Howard Newspapers

Subjects: Journalism--Societies, etc Newspaper reporting Zoning

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