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1:45 - Early memories

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Partial Transcript: What's your first memory or recollection of the Kentucky River?

Segment Synopsis: Lee briefly discusses his earliest memories of the Kentucky River. He remembers swimming in it and seeing logs get pulled out of it.

Keywords: Sand Ripple Creek, Kentucky; Swimming

Subjects: Kentucky River (Ky.) Rivers--Recreational use

6:54 - Tides

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember hearing him talk about the, uh, was it the ice tide that came in 1918?

Segment Synopsis: Lee says that he remembers skating across the river in 1940. He also talks about the flood of 1937. Many people pulled out whisky barrels to scavenge what might be left in them.

Keywords: 1918; 1937; 1940; Ice tide

Subjects: Floods--Kentucky Ice on rivers, lakes, etc.--Kentucky River (Ky.) Kentucky River (Ky.)

14:08 - Boat dock

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Partial Transcript: Now when did you establish your boat dock here?

Segment Synopsis: Lee started his boat dock in 1960. He says that while recreational use of the river is up, water pollution has actually decreased.

Keywords: Boat dock; Water pollution

Subjects: Environmental protection--Kentucky Kentucky River (Ky.) River life--Kentucky River (Ky.)

21:07 - 1978 flood

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Partial Transcript: It's been in this room.

Segment Synopsis: Lee spends most of this time speaking of the 1978 flood and the damage that he and his neighbors incurred. He also briefly talks about the drought of 1930.

Keywords: 1930; 1978

Subjects: Droughts--Kentucky Floods--Kentucky Kentucky River (Ky.)

34:28 - Steamboats

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember seeing any steamboats going up and down?

Segment Synopsis: Lee describes seeing steamboats on the Kentucky River when he was younger.

Keywords: Steamboat; The Kentucky

Subjects: Boats and boating--Kentucky River (Ky.) River steamers--Kentucky River (Ky.)

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