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1:10 - Early memories

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Partial Transcript: And you first memory about the river?

Segment Synopsis: Rucker recalls life at lock three. She remembers seeing a woman try to commit suicide in the river and a local store owner who killed himself. She briefly talks about the 1937 flood.

Keywords: 1937; Guestville, Kentucky; Lock three; Oliver, George; Suicide

Subjects: Floods--Kentucky Locks (Hydraulic engineering)--Kentucky River (Ky.) River life--Kentucky River (Ky.)

7:52 - Guestville

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Partial Transcript: How many people lived in Guest when you were growing up down there?

Segment Synopsis: Rucker names some of her neighbors that lived in the Guestville area.

Keywords: Guestville, Kentucky; Lock three; Willis, Claude

Subjects: River life--Kentucky River (Ky.)

11:43 - Tides

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Partial Transcript: I was going to ask you about droughts.

Segment Synopsis: Rucker and her husband talk about the 1937 flood and the drought of 1930.

Keywords: 1937; Frankfort

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky Droughts--Kentucky Floods--Kentucky Kentucky River (Ky.)

16:28 - Life at the locks

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Partial Transcript: Used to see a lot of what they called pleasure boats.

Segment Synopsis: Rucker talks about different types of boats that she remembers locking through. She also describes how the houses at the lock were laid out.

Keywords: Lock three; Pleasure boat

Subjects: Barges--Kentucky Boats and boating--Kentucky River (Ky.) Locks (Hydraulic engineering)--Kentucky River (Ky.)

19:51 - Entertainment

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Partial Transcript: Where did y'all go for entertainment or anything like that when you lived at Guest?

Segment Synopsis: Rucker says that there was not much entertainment in the area. They would go to Eminence or a nearby store to attend dances.

Keywords: Eminence, Kentucky; Guestville,Kentucky; Lock three

Subjects: River life--Kentucky River (Ky.)

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