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1:29 - Background

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Partial Transcript: By asking the person we're interview to give their full name and the date of your birth and where you were born.

Segment Synopsis: Hall gives basic details of his history such as his birthdate and members of his family. He also says that he helped build the I75 bridges at Clay's Ferry.

Keywords: Clay's Ferry, Kentucky; McQueen


5:12 - Tornado

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Partial Transcript: Years after that come a cyclone through this country.

Segment Synopsis: Hall describes the night in 1923 when his family's house was hit by a tornado. His father, two sisters, and a cousin were killed. He was not hurt as badly and was taken care of by a local black family who he came to love.

Keywords: Amputation; Clay's Ferry, Kentucky; Death; Simpson, Joe; Storm damage; White, John

Subjects: Blacks Kentucky River (Ky.) Race relations Tornado damage Tornadoes United States--race relations

16:48 - Timber

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Partial Transcript: What is your first recollection or memory of the Kentucky River?

Segment Synopsis: Hall recalls spending time at his grandfather's sawmill. He describes the timber rafts and how they were constructed.

Keywords: Clay's Ferry, Kentucky; Dog chain; Poplar

Subjects: Kentucky River (Ky.) Logging--Kentucky Sawmills--Kentucky Timber rafting

25:31 - Land

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever cultivate the river bottoms?

Segment Synopsis: Hall briefly discusses farming river bottoms. He spends most of the time describing the land in the area and who owned it.

Keywords: Clay's Ferry, Kentucky; White, John

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky Kentucky River (Ky.)

30:24 - Neighbors

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Partial Transcript: Did you notice this barn when you come in?

Segment Synopsis: Hall says that after the tornado hit his house, a neighbor named Joe Simpson rode through the county collecting donations to help them build a new house. He recalls how his black neighbor, John White allowed him to live on his land and start a life after he got married. He also talks about being left with a black family while his parents went to town. He called them "Aunt" and "Uncle" and loved them.

Keywords: Clay's Ferry, Kentucky; Simpson, Joe; Toomey, Bill; Toomey, Pink; White, John

Subjects: Blacks Race relations River life--Kentucky River (Ky.) United States--race relations

44:44 - Floods

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Partial Transcript: I was just curious if you remember any of the big tides in the river?

Segment Synopsis: Hall recalls timber rafts floating down river during high tides. He also talks about the flood of 1937.

Keywords: 1937; Clay's Ferry, Kentucky; Log raft

Subjects: Floods--Kentucky Kentucky River (Ky.) Timber rafting

48:31 - Boats

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever see any steamboats come down the river?

Segment Synopsis: Hall recalls a store boat and showboats on the Kentucky River.

Keywords: Clay's Ferry, Kentucky; Steamboat; Store boat

Subjects: Boats and boating--Kentucky River (Ky.) River boats--Kentucky River (Ky.) River steamers--Kentucky River (Ky.) Showboats--Kentucky River (Ky.)

51:49 - Drought

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember the 1930 drought?

Segment Synopsis: Hall recalls the drought of 1930. He had crops in the river bottom and was able to grow corn. He says that everything was very cheap at that time.

Keywords: 1930; Clay's Ferry, Kentucky; Corn

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky Droughts--Kentucky Kentucky River (Ky.)

54:48 - Changes

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Partial Transcript: Were there any drowning incidents that you recall?

Segment Synopsis: Hall compares life when he was young to life when the interview was conducted. He recalls one drowning when he was young but points out that most people back then knew how to swim. He also talks about driving cattle through Lexington, Kentucky.

Keywords: Cattle; Clay's Ferry, Kentucky; Herding; Lexington, Kentucky; McQueen, Albert

Subjects: Drowning victims--Kentucky River (Ky.)

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