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1:18 - Timber rafting

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Partial Transcript: What are your first memories about the river?

Segment Synopsis: Byrd recalls riding with his father on a log raft to a sawmill. He describes the ride and his walk home.

Keywords: Log raft; South Fork

Subjects: Kentucky River (Ky.) Sawmills--Kentucky Timber rafting

7:55 - Tides

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Partial Transcript: Do you ever remember any high tides?

Segment Synopsis: Byrd talks about the flood of 1959 and the ice tide of 1917.

Keywords: 1917; 1959; Ice tide

Subjects: Floods--Kentucky Ice on rivers, lakes, etc.--Kentucky River (Ky.)

10:54 - Raft construction

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Partial Transcript: Was there much logging that went on in your childhood?

Segment Synopsis: Byrd gives great detail about raft construction. He says what types of trees were used, how the trees were put together into a raft, and how the raft was steered.

Keywords: Beech; Log raft; Oak; Poplar; Raft construction

Subjects: Kentucky River (Ky.) Logging--Kentucky Timber rafting

30:08 - Decline of rafts

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Partial Transcript: Did you stay on the river very long as a young man?

Segment Synopsis: Byrd says that in 1929 good roads were built and log rafting began to decline. Strip mining later took its place in the economy.

Keywords: Log raft

Subjects: River life--Kentucky River (Ky.) Timber rafting

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