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1:17 - Early Tyrone

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Partial Transcript: What is your birthdate?

Segment Synopsis: Fullen talks about Tyrone. She says that it was dependent on distilleries and during the prohibition, people had to move to find work. She used to swim in the river and knew a man named Bill Fint who fished for a living.

Keywords: Fint, Bill; Tyrone, Kentucky

Subjects: Distilling Fishing--Kentucky River (Ky.)

6:11 - Father's career

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Partial Transcript: And your father worked on the river?

Segment Synopsis: Fullen says that her father started as a deckhand and worked his way up to captain.

Keywords: Excursion boat

Subjects: Boatmen--Kentucky River (Ky.) Boonesborough (Ky.)

9:30 - Tides

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember any floods down there?

Segment Synopsis: Fullen recalls June tides. She also remembers walking on the river when it was frozen.

Keywords: Ice tide

Subjects: Floods--Kentucky Ice on rivers, lakes, etc.--Kentucky River (Ky.)

10:51 - Hard times

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Partial Transcript: People that lived in Tyrone back then, were they mostly farmers?

Segment Synopsis: Fullen recalls the Great Depression but says that it had already hit Tyrone during the prohibition. She says that when they were trying to dry out their house after the 1937 flood, it caught on fire.

Keywords: 1937; Great Depression; House fire; Tyrone, Kentucky

Subjects: Depressions--1929--Kentucky Floods--Kentucky River life--Kentucky River (Ky.)

14:07 - Boats

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Partial Transcript: What else did you do on the river for play?

Segment Synopsis: Fullen recalls shanty boats and showboats. She also says that the Mayo brothers who founded the Mayo Clinic visited the area.

Keywords: Mayo; Sawyier, Paul, 1865-1917; Shane boat

Subjects: Boats and boating--Kentucky River (Ky.) River boats--Kentucky River (Ky.) River life--Kentucky River (Ky.) Showboats--Kentucky River (Ky.)

32:57 - Tyrone businesses

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Partial Transcript: But we didn't miss nothing.

Segment Synopsis: Fullen recalls climbing on log rafts in the river. She also describes various businesses and the people who owned them in Tyrone.

Keywords: Bottoms, Jim; General store; Log rafts; Tyrone, Kentucky

Subjects: Kentucky River (Ky.) Sawmills--Kentucky Timber rafting

37:34 - Bridges and dams

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Partial Transcript: I can't remember too much about High Bridge.

Segment Synopsis: Fullen recalls High Bridge. She says that when Dix Dam was being built, they were scared that it would break loose and send a wall of water down the river.

Keywords: Dix Dam

Subjects: Dams--Kentucky High Bridge (Ky.)

40:15 - Changes

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Partial Transcript: Can you go all the way up to the forks of the river now in a boat?

Segment Synopsis: Fullen and Ellis talk about how life on the river has changed. They discuss the closing of locks and the poor water quality.


Subjects: Boonesborough (Ky.) Locks (Hydraulic engineering)--Kentucky River (Ky.) River life--Kentucky River (Ky.) Water--Pollution--Kentucky

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