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0:52 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Let me get your name first.

Segment Synopsis: John Brown provides his personal information such as his date of birth and parents names. He states he attended school in Harrodsburg KY then in Burgin KY.

Keywords: Burgin, Kentucky; Harrodsburg, Kentucky; Mercer County Kentucky

Subjects: Burgin (Ky.) Harrodsburg (Ky.)

1:55 - Growing up in Burgin

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Partial Transcript: What was Burgin like when you were growing up?

Segment Synopsis: Brown describes the town of Burgin when he and his family moved there in 1929. He discusses his father building a gas station in Burgin and living through the Great Depression.

Keywords: Burgin, Kentucky; farmers; Great Depression; Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Subjects: Burgin (Ky.) Depressions--1929 Farmers

6:36 - Employment

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Partial Transcript: And my father made boats too.

Segment Synopsis: Brown discusses his father making boats and was one of the first boats on the lake in Burgin. After the military Brown was in the concrete business. Brown and his wife became interested in ceramics and opened up a shop in Burgin.

Keywords: boats; Louisville flood 1936

Subjects: Boats Burgin (Ky.) Concrete masonry

11:57 - Landmarks and businesses

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Partial Transcript: Burgin used to have a hotel didn't it?

Segment Synopsis: Brown discusses some of the buildings and businesses in Burgin. He also describes railroad accidents that occurred in the town. He discusses the importance Lake Herrington has on the town.

Keywords: Burgin, Kentucky; Lake Herrington, Kentucky; Railroad accidents; Railroad stations

Subjects: Burgin (Ky.) Herrington Lake (Ky.)

20:08 - Uniqueness and changes of Burgin

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Partial Transcript: What makes Burgin unique as a town?

Segment Synopsis: Brown discusses what he thinks makes Burgin unique and the changes the town has experience. He also describes the public services available to the area.

Keywords: Burgin, Kentucky; Fire chief; Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Subjects: Burgin (Ky.) Fire chiefs Harrodsburg (Ky.)

28:23 - Making a living in Burgin

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Partial Transcript: How do people make a living in Burgin?

Segment Synopsis: Brown discusses where people of Burgin may be employed.

Keywords: Burgin, Kentucky

Subjects: Burgin (Ky.)