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0:29 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: What's your full name first?

Segment Synopsis: Black provides her background information such as her date of birth. She was born in Anoka, Minnesota and describes going to school there.

Keywords: Anoka, Minnesota

Subjects: Rural schools Small cities

6:18 - Burgin, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: When did you come to Burgin?

Segment Synopsis: Black discusses the reasons for moving to Kentucky. She also discusses her and her husband's employment.

Keywords: Burgin, Kentucky; Danville, Kentucky

Subjects: Burgin (Ky.) Danville (Ky.) Furniture finishing Furniture, Colonial School buildings

13:14 - Church, Public and City Services

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Partial Transcript: You said you uh were a Methodist, is that right? Did you go to the Methodist Church here in town?

Segment Synopsis: Black discusses their church membership at the Danville Methodist Church. She also describes the public and city services made available to the community of Burgin.

Keywords: Burgin, Kentucky; Danville, Kentucky; Methodist Church

Subjects: Burgin (Ky.) Crime Danville (Ky.) Fire departments Methodist Church--membership Sewerage

17:33 - Family and Community

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Partial Transcript: Where do your children live?

Segment Synopsis: Black discusses her children, where they live and their occupation. She also describes transportation in Burgin.

Keywords: Agriculture; Alaska; Automobile; Boyle County; Burgin, Kentucky; Lake Herrington; Medical transportation; Nurse; Retirees; United States Air Force; University of Kentucky

Subjects: Bedroom Communities Boyle County (Ky.) Burgin (Ky.) Herrington Lake (Ky.)

24:57 - Influenza epidemic

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Partial Transcript: I wanna ask you more question about Minnesota. Do you remember the influenza epidemic?

Segment Synopsis: Black describes having the flu during the influenza epidemic along with her brother.

Keywords: Country doctors; House calls; Minnesota; Spanish influenza

Subjects: Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919

27:50 - Travel

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Partial Transcript: You used to take trips, didn't you?

Segment Synopsis: Black discusses taking a tour bus to different locations with a group of other retirees.

Keywords: Shelbyville, Kentucky; Tour bus

Subjects: Tour bus lines Travel

35:35 - Great Depression and Changes

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Partial Transcript: Where were you living during the depression?

Segment Synopsis: Black describes living during the Great Depression in Minnesota. She also discusses the changes to the town of Burgin.

Keywords: Bedroom community; Burgin, Kentucky; Commuters; Minnesota

Subjects: Bedroom communities Burgin (Ky.) Depressions--1929