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0:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: The following

Segment Synopsis: Intro to interview



0:30 - Background information

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Partial Transcript: Goodmorning.

Segment Synopsis: Backgroun info on Floridad



1:54 - Educational Background

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Partial Transcript: Where'd you go to school?

Segment Synopsis: Back ground of Florida's education



2:47 - Job History

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Partial Transcript: What did you do after 8th grade?

Segment Synopsis: Job history was a house maid



3:13 - Church

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Partial Transcript: What church did you belong to?

Segment Synopsis: Church that Florida Grew up in and remains

Keywords: Elizabeth Preedestinarian church, Sugar Creek, Richmond


4:11 - Clubs and Organizations

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Partial Transcript: Did you join any clubs or organizations?

Segment Synopsis: Church club that she partakes in

Keywords: Silver star club


5:45 - Family Background

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Partial Transcript: What were your parents names?

Segment Synopsis: History on her immediate family and marriages

Keywords: Nixville,


13:13 - Retirement

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Partial Transcript: What have you been doing with your self?

Segment Synopsis:



14:05 - Family reunion

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Partial Transcript: Do you have a family reunion ?

Segment Synopsis: Family reunion info

Keywords: Richmond, Fletcher


14:44 - More on Job history

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Partial Transcript: Any work with Eastern Univesirty?

Segment Synopsis: Background on her job

Keywords: Mary Lou


15:56 - Interracial Relations

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Partial Transcript: Remember any racial conflict?

Segment Synopsis: No history on interracial conflict



17:41 - Closing of Interview

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Partial Transcript: I really do...

Segment Synopsis: Ending of the interview



18:08 - Grandchildren

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Partial Transcript: How many granchildren do you have?

Segment Synopsis: Info on grand children




The following is an unrehearsed taped interview with Florida Warren Johnson Noland, long time resident of Richmond, Kentucky. The interview was conducted by A.G. Dunston of the History Department for the Oral History Center at Eastern Kentucky University. The interview was conducted at the senior citizens center on the 11th of March, 1992.

AD: Good morning.

FN: Good morning.

AD: Would you tell me your full name, please?

FN: Florida Noland.

AD: Florida Noland?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Uh, it . . . That’s like the state, I believe you said yesterday.

FN: Yeah.

AD: It’s spelled F-L-O-R-I-D-A.

FN: That’s right.

AD: Okay. What was your maiden name, Florida?

FN: Warren.

AD: Warren?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: And your middle name?

FN: No.

AD: You didn’t have a middle name?

FN: Uh-uh.

AD: Just Florida Warren?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. When were you born?

FN: Huh?

AD: When were you born?


FN: Nineteen and five.

AD: Uh, what month and day?

FN: Ninth of October.

AD: Ninth of October, 1905?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. How many brothers and sisters did you have?

FN: I just got one brother.

AD: One brother.

FN: And a half-brother living.

AD: Okay. The one brother you have living, would you identify him for us today?

FN: Jave Warren.

AD: Alright. And the half-brother?

FN: Ed Warren.

AD: Ed Warren?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Does Ed Warren live in Richmond?

FN: No. He lives in Lancaster.

AD: In Lancaster, Kentucky?

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: Um, were you born in Richmond city or in the county?

FN: In the county.

AD: In the county?

FN: Yeah.

AD: Was it a small community?

FN: Yeah. Uh-huh.

AD: Did it have a name or was it just . . . just the county?

FN: Madison. I was born in Madison County.

AD: Madison County?

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: Okay. Where’d you go to school?

FN: I went to school. I went to three different schools.


AD: Okay. Uh, . . . Like . . . Okay. From first . . . From 1st grade on.

FN: Well, first grade, I went to . . . Let’s see, what’s the name of that? Long Branch.

AD: Was that Long Branch, Kentucky?

FN: Yeah.

AD: Okay.

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: Okay.

FN: And second was at Silver Creek.

AD: Alright.

FN: And the third one was at Grapevine.

AD: At Grapevine?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. Uh, Where’d you go after that? After the . . . After Grapevine?

FN: Uh, then, I went as far as the 8th grade.

AD: Okay. And finished at Grapevine?

FN: Yeah.

AD: In 8th grade?

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: Okay. What did you do after . . . after you finished the 8th grade?

FN: I went to work. (Laughter)

AD: What happened?

FN: Huh?

AD: What . . . What . . . What did you do?

FN: I was just a housemaid.

AD: Okay. In Madison County?


FN: Yeah.

AD: Um, is that what you’ve done . . . That’s what you did all your working life?

FN: Yeah.

AD: Okay. A housemaid?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. What church did you belong to?

FN: Um, uh, Elizabeth Predestinarian Baptist Church.

AD: That’s the one you belong to now?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. What did you belong to, do you remember, when you were growing up?

FN: That same church.

AD: Is it the same church?

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: But it’s located here now?

FN: Yeah. Uh-huh.

AD: Okay. Well, it wasn’t always located here?

FN: No, it was . . . First, it was located at Silver Creek.

AD: At Silver Creek?

FN: Yeah.

AD: The whole church just moved to Lexington? I mean, to Richmond?

FN: Yeah. Uh-huh.

AD: Do you remember . . . Do you remember the year that the . . . the church moved?

FN: No. Mmm-Nnn.

AD: Okay. Do you remember your pastor in Silver Creek? The name of your pastor in Silver Creek?

FN: No.

AD: Okay. Who is your pastor now?

FN: Reverend McPherson.


AD: Reverend McPherson?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. When you . . . When you went to work, and, uh, uh, made a livelihood, did you join any clubs or organizations?

FN: Not while I was working.

AD: Do you belong now to any organizations?

FN: Yeah.

AD: What do you belong to now?

FN: To the Silver Star Club.

AD: What is that?

FN: That’s a church club.

AD: Okay. What is . . . What . . . What do you do? What does the Silver Stars Club do?

FN: Well, they just, you know, have a meeting and raise a little fun and we go out sometimes and eat.

AD: Okay. Is the Silver Star for the elderly?

FN: No. That’s for the church. A church club.

AD: Okay. But all ages can belong to the Silver Stars?

FN: Yeah. Hmm-Mmm. Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. Alright. Uh, do you belong to any social 5:00groups, like the women’s clubs or anything like that?

FN: I belong to a little club out here.

AD: What . . . What is the name of the little one out here you belong to?

FN: Silver Gold, I believe it is.

AD: Silver Gold?

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: Is it a club . . .?

FN: Homemakers.

AD: A homemakers club?

FN: Yeah.

AD: Okay. When you were at school, uh, do . . . Did . . . Were you a member of the, um . . . of any organization. Do you remember, uh, the organization, the agricultural extension or anything like that?

FN: Mmm-Nnn.

AD: Didn’t have that then?

FN: Mmm-Nnn.

AD: Okay. What were your parents’ names?

FN: My father’s name was Bill Warren.

AD: Okay.

FN: Mmm-Hmm.

AD: And your mom’s?

FN: My mother’s name was Molly Warren.

AD: What . . . Do you remember her maiden name?

FN: Clark.


AD: Molly Clark Warren?

FN: Mmm-Hmm.

AD: Okay. When did you get married?

FN: I got married in ‘25.

(Tape recorder turned off.) (Tape recorder turned on.)

FN: Yeah. (Laughter).

AD: It’s just . . . It’s just habit.

FN: Yeah. I see it is.

AD: It’s hard to break.

(Tape recorder turned off.) (Tape recorder turned on.)

FN: He was a Johnson.

AD: Alright. What was his full name?

FN: Henry. Henry Turner Johnson.

AD: Was he from this area?

FN: No. He was from Nicholasville.

AD: Okay. And that was your first husband?

FN: Yeah.

AD: You married him in 1925?

FN: Yeah.

AD: Okay. And when did that marriage end?

FN: In . . . Let me see now. I done forgot.

AD: Okay. When did you marry Mr. Noland?

FN: I married him in 1942.

AD: Okay. And when did he pass away?


FN: He passed away in 1973.

AD: What, uh . . . You remained together until he passed away? Is that true?

FN: Uh-huh. Yeah.

AD: Do you have any children?

FN: Yeah.

AD: Okay. What are their names and ages?

FN: Well, now, I can’t tell you their age.

AD: Okay.

FN: I have eight living.

AD: Eight living children?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: That is magnificent.

FN: Huh?

AD: Can you tell me . . . ? I said that’s magnificent.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Can you tell me their names?

FN: The oldest is named Annie Blanche Davis.

AD: Alright. Okay.

FN: Uh-huh. And the second is Majola Hackett.

AD: Majola?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Alright.

FN: And the next one is . . . I’m going a little too fast. I’ve got a son in between. Do I have to give them what’s dead?


AD: If you . . . If you would, yes.

FN: Hmm-Mmm. Well, um, my oldest child was Evangeline. Evangeline.

AD: Evangeline?

FN: Uh-huh. Johnson.

AD: Okay.

FN: And then the next was Annie Blanche.

AD: Okay.

FN: And then C.W.

AD: Okay.

FN: And then Majola.

AD: Alright.

FN: And Luvanna, and Merrick Henry.

AD: Merritt?

FN: Merrick Henry Johnson.

AD: Spell it. It is . . .

FN: Huh?

AD: Male or female?

FN: He’s a male.

AD: Merrick?

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: Okay. Merrick. Alright.

FN: Yeah. Uh-huh.

AD: And then after Merrick?

FN: Is Mary Elizabeth.

AD: Alright.

FN: Mary Elizabeth Collins.

AD: Okay.

FN: Uh-huh. That’s my first bunch.


AD: Okay.

FN: And then the second bunch.

AD: Alright.

FN: Is George Winston Noland.

AD: Alright.

FN: And the next one is Bobby Jean Barlow, and the next one is, uh, L. . . . L.G. . . L. . . . Loran Garfield Noland.

AD: Okay.

FN: And the next one is Maxine Noland.

AD: Okay. And Maxine is the baby?

FN: Yeah.

AD: Alright.

FN: Mmm-Hmm.

AD: Okay. Were they all born in Richmond?

FN: Uh-uh.

AD: Okay. The first group of children . . .

FN: The first group was born in Lexington.

AD: Okay.

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: And that’s where you lived with, uh, Mr. Johnson.

FN: Yeah. Uh-huh.

AD: Okay. In Lexington?

FN: In Nicholasville.


AD: Oh, in Nicholasville?

FN: Yeah.

AD: And the children were born in Lexington, in the hospital?

FN: Uh-uh. They was . . . None of them was born in the hospital. They were born at home.

AD: Were they?

FN: Yeah. (Laughter)

AD: Who . . . who, uh, who waited on you when they were born? Did you have a doctor come over?

FN: Yeah. A man.

AD: You don’t . . .

FN: Uh-uh.

AD: And, uh, the . . . the last children, were they born in Richmond or were they born in . . . ?

FN: They were born in Richmond.

AD: In Richmond?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Alright. Have many of them still live in this area? In Madison County?

FN: I’ve just got one daughter who lives in this area.

AD: Just one?

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: And the rest of them are scattered, where?

FN: The oldest boy is in New York. In mean, in Forestville, Oklahoma. And the next one is in New York.

AD: Okay.

FN: Uh-huh. And then, I’ve got three in Cleveland, one in 11:00Detroit, and one in Lima.

AD: In Lima?

FN: Lima, Ohio.

AD: Oh, alright. What do . . . What do they do? What kinds of things do your children do for a living?

FN: Well, my oldest son, he was in the Army, and he retired from there. He’s a . . . He is a, oh, what is it you do when you go around, you know . . .

AD: Go around to different bases.

FN: No. You work in a building, store. He’s a guard.

AD: Oh. Okay. Okay.

FN: Hmm-Mmm. He’s a guard.

AD: So, he made a career out of the armed services.

FN: Yeah. Hmm-Mmm.

AD: What are some of the other kinds of occupations that your children have had?

FN: Uh-uh. Because they was away from here.


AD: Okay.

FN: And my other son, he works for the city.

AD: Okay.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Alright. Mr. Johnson . . . What did . . . What did he do for a living? Your first husband.

FN: Oh, he raised crop. Hmm-Mmm.

AD: He was a farmer?

FN: Yeah. He was a farmer.

AD: Did he own the land?

FN: No, uh-uh. He rented.

AD: Was it tenant, share cropping system or . . . ?

FN: Huh?

AD: He just rented the land from someone?

FN: Yeah.

AD: Did he get to keep everything that he raised?

FN: No. Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

AD: Okay.

FN: He just raised his own share.

AD: Own share?

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: And how about Mr. Noland? What did he do for a living?

FN: Oh, he worked for the . . . He went into the service, and he worked out there at the Army Depot.

AD: Okay. In Richmond?


FN: Yeah. Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Uh, did that . . . Did he retire? Did he get a chance to retire from there?

FN: He retired from out there, the Depot.

AD: Okay. Alright.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Well, what have you been doing with yourself for the last ten years or so?

FN: Ten years?

AD: Yeah. Yeah. When did you retire? Maybe I can ask you that one? When did you retire from actively working?

FN: Well, I retired . . . This has been about six years ago.

AD: Okay.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. And what have you been doing with yourself ever since?

FN: Not a thing. (Laughter).

AD: You come to the center every day?

FN: Uh-huh. Yeah. I come to the center every day.

AD: Okay. And you stay until about what time?

FN: Until about 2.

AD: And then what do you do?

FN: Go home and sit down and go to sleep.

AD: Oh. (Laughter) Okay. Alright. Do you have a 14:00Warren family reunion?

FN: Yeah.

AD: When is that?

FN: That’s the end of July.

AD: Is it? Is it every year?

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: And is it in the Richmond area?

FN: Mmm. Now, this year, it’d be in the Richmond area. It’d be at the Depot, Army Depot.

AD: Alright.

FN: But, last year, it was in Lexington.

AD: Okay.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Did you have any contact with Eastern Kentucky University at all?

FN: Uh-uh.

AD: Okay. The work that you did was usually in private homes? Did you stay with one person for years?

FN: Oh, you were talking about when I worked last.

AD: Where you were working?

FN: No. I worked for a lady. A white lady.

AD: Did you . . . All day . . . All the years?

FN: Uh-huh. Yeah. I worked for her for about 50 15:00some odd years.

AD: My, my.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. What . . . what is the family name? What was her name?

FN: Mary Lou Million.

AD: Okay. I believe I’ve heard the name.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. What do you know about, uh, uh, uh, about the Telford Center? The Telford YWCA Center? That used to be where the Old Richmond Colored School was.

FN: Yeah. Hmm-Mmm. I don’t know anything about it. I just know the name.

AD: Okay.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Alright. Okay. Let’s see . . . What else can I ask you? I am bound and determined you’re not going to talk as long as ______.

FN: Oh, he done told you everything.

AD: Oh, let’s see. Alright. Do you remember any racial strike in . . . in Richmond or Madison County?

FN: In the what?

AD: A racial conflict? You know, fight between blacks and whites.


FN: Uh-uh. Uh-uh. No.

AD: Did you participate in any activities in the 1960's? You know, during the Civil Rights Movement?

FN: Uh-uh.

AD: You didn’t?

FN: Uh-uh.

AD: Okay. Has there been a place here that was ever barred to you? That you couldn’t go in, if you wanted to?

FN: No. Not that I know about.

AD: Okay. Alright. And even . . . even when you could remember, even as you were growing up, there was no place that you wanted to go, but you couldn’t because they wouldn’t let you in?

FN: No. Because I never did go nowhere.

AD: What? When you . . . when you finished the 8th grade, did you go to the . . . Did you go to dances?

FN: Uh-uh.

AD: Okay. And afterwards . . . How old were you when you got married?

FN: I was 20.

AD: Twenty? Okay. So, between the time you finished the 8th grade and you turned 20, you didn’t go to dances or anything like that?

FN: Well, we would have little parties, you know, and dance, just 17:00my own bunch.

AD: At somebody’s house?

FN: Yeah.

AD: Okay.

FN: Hmm-Mmm. Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Alright. How about movies? Did you go to the movies?

FN: Nuh-uh.

AD: No? Do you drive?

FN: I used to, but I don’t now.

AD: How did you learn to drive? Who taught you?

FN: Well, I just got in there and started driving. (Laughter).

AD: Okay.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Okay. Mrs. Noland, I appreciate you taking the time with me.

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: I really do. I can’t think of anything else I need to ask you right now, but I would like to get a promise from you. If I think of something, I may come back and ask you the questions.

FN: Well (Laughter).

AD: Will that be alright?


FN: Yeah. Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Alright then. Thank you.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

(Tape recorder turned off.) (Tape recorder turned on.)

AD: Mrs. Noland, how many grandchildren do you have?

FN: I have about 30 some odd.

AD: So, 30 some odd grandchildren?

FN: Uh-huh.

AD: Uh, scattered all over . . . Where? In Kentucky? In Ohio?

FN: No. I don’t have but four in Kentucky and the rest of them are scattered.

AD: Okay.

FN: Hmm-Mmm.

AD: Alright. Thank you.

FN: Your welcome.