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0:44 - Background

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Partial Transcript: If you would Mr. Estes state for me your full name, and uh date of your birth, and where you were born.

Segment Synopsis: Estes provides a background information about himself and his family. He details moving around until settling in Junction City, Ky.

Keywords: Boyle County; Centre College; Danville, Kentucky; Great Depression; Junction City High School; Lee Majors; Middlesboro, Kentucky; Molly Pitcher; United States Army; Winchester, Kentucky; World War II

Subjects: Great Depression--1929 Junction City (Ky.)

6:18 - Occupation

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Partial Transcript: What's your uh occupational background? I assume high school was?

Segment Synopsis: Estes describes his educational and occupational background. He completed a degree in chemistry from Centre College and then went into the US Army Corps of Engineers. He also discusses some of the bridges he has been apart of in his career.

Keywords: Brooklyn Bridge; Centre College; Chemistry; Clays Ferry Bridge; Department of Highways; Engineer; Great Depression; Standard Oil Company; US Army; World War II

Subjects: Brooklyn Bridge (New York, N.Y.) Centre College (Danville, Ky.:1918-) Great Depression--1929 Kentucky. Department of Highways United States Army and World War II

10:24 - Junction City

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Partial Transcript: Well, uh, as far as Junction is concerned uh what are your first memories of what it was like when you came?

Segment Synopsis: Estes discusses how the people of Junction City made ends meet during the Great Depression. He describes different businesses in and around Junction City.

Keywords: "The Knobs"; Basket Factory; Canning Factory; Franklin Roosevelt; Great Depression; Junction City, Kentucky; Public Works Administration; Rice; Stave Mill; Tobacco Factory; Works Progress Administration

Subjects: Cooking (Rice) Franklin D. Roosevelt and the era of the New Deal Great Depression--1929 Junction City (Ky.)

39:48 - Churches

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Partial Transcript: Were the churches uh thriving then? As or how have they changed I guess in your estimation since then?

Segment Synopsis: Estes discusses the different denominations in and around the area.

Keywords: Baptist Church; Catholic Church; Christian Church; Danville, Kentucky; Junction City, Kentucky; Lexington Avenue Baptist Church; Methodist Church; Presbyterian Church; Shelby City, Kentucky

Subjects: Baptist Catholic Church Danville (Ky.) Junction City (Ky.) Methodist Church Presbyterian Church

43:13 - World War II

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Partial Transcript: Did World War II have any noticeable affect on Junction City as far as your concern?

Segment Synopsis: Estes discusses the impact WWII had on Junction City.

Keywords: Boyle County; Danville, Kentucky; Gasoline; Junction City, Kentucky; Polk Moberly; World War I Veterans

Subjects: Boyle County (Ky.) Danville (Ky.) Junction City (Ky.) Veterans of World War I of the U.S.A. World War, 1939-1945

45:47 - High School

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Partial Transcript: Um, you mentioned you went to high school in Junction City. Who were some of the better teachers that you remember that stand out in your memory in Junction City?

Segment Synopsis: Estes discusses the teachers he had while he attended school in Junction City. In his opinion the demise of the town was when the school left Junction City.

Keywords: Junction City School; Junction City, Kentucky; School consolidation; Shelby City, Kentucky

Subjects: Junction City (Ky.) School--Centralization

52:10 - Town Characters

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Partial Transcript: Where there...I hate to say use the phrase "town characters" but were there any "town characters" in Junction City that you remember?

Segment Synopsis: Estes describes "town characters".

Keywords: "Stormy Weather"; African American Church; African American families; Baseball; Bishop Turner; Junction City, Kentucky; School plays

Subjects: African American churches African American families Junction City (Ky.)