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1:08 - Family and Education

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Partial Transcript: Please state your name.

Segment Synopsis: Lee provides background information about her family. She discusses her parents and her siblings.

Keywords: Eastern Kentucky University; Farmer; Irvine High School; Irvine, Kentucky; Ravenna, Kentucky; Teacher

Subjects: Agriculture Eastern Kentucky University Estill County (Ky.) Irvine (Ky.) Ravenna (Ky) Teachers

6:03 - Teaching in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Now my first school...

Segment Synopsis: Lee discusses her first teaching position in Fitchburg, Kentucky.

Keywords: Black Brother's Bus; Estill High School; Fitchburg, Kentucky; Mount Carmel, Kentucky; Pie Supper Fundraiser; Teaching; Teaching supplies

Subjects: Bus travel Fund raisers (Persons) Teachers

18:17 - Teaching in Ohio

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Partial Transcript: But uh, I got married and went to uh Dayton in 54'.

Segment Synopsis: Lee discusses teaching for twenty-five years in Dayton Ohio.

Keywords: African American students; Dayton, Ohio; Honorary Teachers Sorority; Life Certificate; Reading Convention; Reading Supervisor; Retirement; San Diego, California; Teachers Strike; Teaching

Subjects: African American students Retirement Strikes and lockouts--Teachers Teaching

43:33 - Return to Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: You retired from Ohio in 79'?

Segment Synopsis: Lee discusses returning to Kentucky after retiring in Ohio. After her return, she worked another ten years in Kentucky. She also describes the changes to Ravenna.

Keywords: Bush's Brother's Restaurant; Education Reform; Estill County; Irvine, Kentucky; Passenger train; Railroad; Ravenna, Kentucky; School Tax; Tornado damage

Subjects: Educational change Estill County (Ky.) Irvine (Ky.) Passenger trains Railroad stations Ravenna (Ky.) School taxes Tornado damage

50:32 - Ravenna

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Partial Transcript: What would make Ravenna unique? What would make it different or is there something unique about it about the town of Ravenna?

Segment Synopsis: Lee describes Ravenna as a declining town. She states there are no prospects for the younger generations so the town consists mainly of retirees.

Keywords: Agriculture; Estill High School; Irvine High School; Oil fields; Railroad; Ravenna, Kentucky; Retirees; Reverend Roy Richardson; Sherman Cooper; Town consolidation

Subjects: Oil fields Railroad stations Ravenna (Ky.) Retirees